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Visitor Regulations

Dear visitors.
we would like to welcome you and wish you a pleasant shopping experience full of fun at Eden Shopping Centre. In order to create the most pleasant environment possible, we ask you to observe and respect our Visitor Regulations. Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you pleasant shopping at Eden SC.

Within the building, you are not allowed to/it is forbidden to

  • damage property in the building, including by writing names, graffiti, playing ball games, etc.
  • use physical force, violence, impolite gestures and expressions, say anything defaming race, religion or a group of people which can as a result lead to disturbance or threaten or restrict other people
  • consume alcoholic drinks outside designated areas
  • smoke outside designated areas or use open flames
  • enter under the influence of drugs or bring in any toxic substances or drugs, enter with poisonous, polluting, strong-smelling or dangerous substances
  • bring large baggage, guns or other dangerous objects into the Eden SC building; this does not apply to state and community police forces
  • dirty the building, spit, leave waste and chewing gum except in designated wastebins
  • enter in dirty clothes and shoes
  • enter with ice-cream or other foods which may dirty the building
  • enter with animals of any kind (including animals carried in bags/boxes), except for guide dogs accompanying holders of ZTP/P disabled ID cards
  • use rollerskates and skateboards, bicycles, scooters or other transportation means
  • speak loudly, shout, play the radio or a music-playing apparatus, i.e. disturb or otherwise annoy other people within the building though your speech, clothing, noise, smells, etc.
  • undertake any kind of promotional activities within Shopping Centre premises, especially those involving distributing leaflets, offering samples, undertaking questionnaires and surveys and playing loud music, singing or undertaking other performances without the consent of Centre Management
  • beg
  • make stall or itinerant sales without the written consent of Centre Management
  • persons younger than 10 years may not enter the building unless accompanied by an adult
  • persons older than 5 years may not sit in shopping trolleys, and nor may dogs, cats, bicycles or dirty items be placed there

Outside, you may not/it is forbidden to

  • damage property outside the building, including by writing names, graffiti, playing ball games, etc.
  • bathe and dirty water in the fountain or cross the fountain balusters (the water has been chemically treated)
  • bath animals in the fountain (the water has been chemically treated)
  • leave shopping trolleys outside designated sites
  • leave bicycles outside designated bicycle parking sites (these sites are not guarded, although they are monitored by CCTV)
  • beg
  • make stall or itinerant sales without the written consent of Centre Management
  • park on pavements, in loading bays, on grass, etc.; if this regulation is not observed, your vehicle will be towed away at your own cost. Exceptions can only be made with the permission of Centre Management.

Within the car park, it is forbidden to

  • drive and park vehicles over 2.20 m in height or vehicles with bicycle carriers or other loads on the vehicle roof which may cause damage to the property of the Eden SC owner
  • drive without the appropriate driving licence, use rollerskates, skateboards, scooters, etc., within the car park premises
  • wash your motor vehicle or undertake vehicle repairs
  • drive vehicles which have been amended to run on gas and fuel (LPG, CNG), or drive vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals, flammable materials, explosives or ammunition
  • beg
  • make stall or itinerant sales without the written consent of Centre Management
  • park vehicles in the car park during periods Eden SC is completely closed

Further Visitor Regulations provisions

  • you may only enter and stay within Eden Shopping Centre premises if you observe the rules, declarations and internal regulations of Eden SC. The Visitor Regulations and Rules of Operation for the unguarded underground car park are also available at the website
  • Visitors are entitled to use the free wifi service only in such a manner which is in accordance with relevant generally binding laws, the operating terms and conditions of public telecommunication services and the instructions of the connection provider. Visitors may not use the free wifi service to send unwanted information or messages (especially e-mails) to third parties. Full terms and conditions for wifi use within the Shopping Centre can be found at
  • visitors are required to observe traffic signage, Operating Rules for the unguarded underground car park and the instructions of staff within the car park
  • in cases of misuse or damage to fire protection equipment, electronic safety equipment, emergency exits and the intercom, financial compensation will be recovered from  the persons who have misused or caused damage for putting the equipment back into its original state.
  • anyone entering Eden SC is required to act in such a manner so as not to damage the property of Eden SC or its tenants. Compensation will be sought for all damage caused by customers and visitors to Eden SC in accordance with the law of the Czech Republic.
  • Shopping Centre customers can use the bicycle parking stations located in front of the main entrance, although these are not guarded and Shopping Centre Management bear no liability for any bicycle damage or theft.
  • it is forbidden to lie down or sleep on benches located in arcades or anywhere on building premises, including benches around the Shopping Centre
  • the Eden SC owner bears no liability for damage caused to property of the health of customers and visitors if they are the result of the irresponsible behaviour of other persons.
  • customers are banned from using the emergency exits unless the centre is being evacuated
  • if Eden SC is being evacuated, all persons located within the building are required to observe the Evacuation Regulations and follow the instructions of assigned staff and instructions broadcast over the PA system
  • customers are forbidden from entering all non-public areas or using goods and service elevators
  • you may not take photographs or film anywhere within the Eden SC building including the car park and exterior premises belonging to Eden SC without the permission of Eden SC Management
  • Visitors are also obliged not to stay at a distance of less than 2 meters from each other, to respect the markings of the waiting area, to try on clothes and shoes after previous hand disinfection, to have a covered nose and mouth
  • A CCTV camera system monitors the exterior and interior premises of the Shopping Centre


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