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Dear Visitors,

Welcome! We wish you a comfortable shopping experience and lots of fun in the Eden Shopping Centre. In order to create the most pleasant environment for you, we need to ask you to observe and respect the Visiting Rules. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant shopping experience in the Eden Shopping Centre. 

In the internal and external areas of the Shopping Centre as well as in the unguarded underground car park, the following shall not be allowed/shall be prohibited:

  • to damage property of the site, including tagging, graffiti, playing ball games, street jumping, etc.
  • to use physical force, violence, obscene gestures or expressions or language that disgraces race, religion or group of persons, which may result in a riot and endanger or restrain others
  • to consume alcoholic beverages outside designated areas
  • to smoke outside designated areas, including the use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic devices for burning or heating tobacco and the use of open fire
  • to be in a drunken state, to enter under the influence of intoxicating or addictive substances and to bring in any toxic or intoxicating substances as well as to enter with poisonous, polluting, odorous or dangerous substances
  • to bring into the premises oversize objects, firearms and other dangerous items, except for such items as brought in by state and local law enforcement forces
  • to litter the building and areas of the Shopping Centre in any way, to spit, to deposit rubbish and chewing gum outside the designated rubbish bins and cigarette butts outside the designated containers
  • to enter the interior of the Shopping Centre in soiled clothing and footwear
  • to enter with animals of any kind, except guide dogs accompanying the holder of the disability (ZTP/P) card
  • to rollerblade, skateboard, cycle, scooter and use other means of transport (does not apply to cars and motorcycles in the unguarded underground car park)
  • to use loud vocal expressions, shout, play radio or tape recorders, i.e. to disturb and otherwise molest other persons in the building by speaking, clothing, noise, smell, etc.
  • to conduct any promotional activities on the Shopping Centre grounds, which include, but are not limited to, distributing flyers, offering samples, conducting polls and surveys and performing loud music, singing or performances without the consent of the Shopping Centre management
  • to beg and gain any other material benefit from dishonest sources
  • to conduct stall or errand sales, dealership activities and any political, assembly or demonstration activities, including charitable events, without the prior written permission of the Shopping Centre management
  • to transport persons over five years of age as well as dogs, cats, other pets, bicycles, other oversized loads and dirty items on/in shopping trolleys
  • to sit on the railings of footbridges and emergency stairways, including movement on these stairways, except for evacuation of the building
  • to bathe people and animals in the fountain, to pollute the water in the fountain and enter the fountain and the fountain area including the island (it is not a swimming pool or other work adapted for people bathing/swimming, the water in the fountain is not drinkable, it is chemically treated and there is a risk of injury; bathing in the fountain and entering the fountain and the fountain area may be considered a misdemeanour or a criminal offence)
  • to leave shopping trolleys unattended outside designated shopping trolley bays
  • to leave bicycles outside the designated parking area (the bicycle parking area is not guarded, but the area is monitored by CCTV)
  • to place advertising items, leaflets, banners, slogans, calls/invitations, etc., including on the windows or bodies of parked cars, without the prior written permission from the operator of the Shopping Centre, i.e. Shopping Mall Eden s.r.o., ID No.: 10731822, Vršovická 1527/68b, 100 00 Prague 10 ("Operator").
  • to lie down or sleep on benches located in the passages or anywhere in the building, including benches around the Shopping Centre
  • for customers to use the emergency exits, except in the event of evacuation of the Shopping Centre
  • for customers to access any non-public areas and use freight or service elevators

Furthermore, the following shall be forbidden within the unguarded underground parking area:

  • to drive in in vehicles taller than 220 cm, in vehicles without registration plates, in CNG/LPG vehicles, trailers, caravans, lorries with total weight of over 2,000 kg and without a valid parking ticket or parking card
  • to remain in a parked vehicle with the engine running for more than the time necessary to park the vehicle. The operators shall, if they deem it appropriate, be entitled to request explanation from such persons
  • to carry out any repairs to any vehicle (including topping up of operating fluids) or to wash or clean any vehicle, including other activities contrary to the purpose of the parking areas
  • to ride bicycles, scooters, roller blades, skateboards or vehicles other than passenger cars (e.g. go-karts) without the prior permission of the Operator for this activity
  • to conduct driving training courses

The full text of the operating regulations for the unguarded underground car park is posted in the car park and on the website.

Other provisions of the Visiting Rules

  • entry to and stay in the Shopping Centre shall be subject to compliance with the laws, ordinances and internal regulations of Eden Shopping Centre. The Visiting Rules are also available on the website.
  • visitors are entitled to use the FREE WIFI service only in a manner that complies with the relevant generally binding legislation, the operating conditions of public telecommunications services and the instructions of the connection provider. Visitors must not use the FREE WIFI service to send unsolicited information. For full terms and conditions for using FREE WIFI in the Shopping Centre, please go on website.
  • in the area of the parking lots, visitors are obliged to observe the traffic signs, the Operating Regulations of the unguarded underground parking lot and the instructions of the operator
  • in the event of misuse of or damage to fire-fighting equipment, electronic security equipment, emergency exits and intercom systems, financial compensation shall be sought from the originator for restoring the original condition of such equipment
  • every person entering the Eden Shopping Centre is obliged to behave in such way so as to avoid damaging the property of the Eden Shopping Centre or its tenants. Compensation for any damages caused by customers and visitors of Eden Shopping Centre will be claimed from them pursuant to the valid legal rules and regulations of the Czech Republic.
  • customers of the Shopping Centre may use the bicycle racks located in front of the main entrance, but the area is not guarded and the Operator shall not be responsible for any damage to or theft of bicycles
  • the owner of the Eden Shopping Centre shall not be liable for damages caused to the property and health of customers and visitors if resulting from irresponsible acting of other persons
  • in the event of evacuation of the Eden Shopping Centre building, each person staying in the building is obliged to follow the fire alarm guidelines, fire regulations, follow the instructions of the authorised personnel and the instructions broadcast by the local sound broadcasting system
  • taking photographs and filming is not allowed in the entire Eden Shopping Centre building, including the parking lot and the external areas belonging to Eden Shopping Centre without the consent of the Centre’s management
  • the internal and external areas of the Shopping Centre and the car park are monitored using a camera system, and in order to check compliance with the free parking period, vehicle registration plates are scanned by cameras at the entrance and exit


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